Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Selective hearing

Sometimes Mommy and Daddy ask me to do things that I don't want to do. For instance, when I want to play with toys, Mommy and Daddy wil insist that I get dressed or take a bathroom break. Fortunately, I've learned a new tactic to deal with these unpleasant situations. As long as I don't "hear" what they're saying, I clearly don't have to follow their requests. The trick is to selectively "hear" stuff. If they offer something good like "do you want to play with toys with Mommy and Daddy" my hearing is very keen. Offering something bad like "it's time to get dressed" calls for the selective hearing function.

Somehow, Mommy and Daddy don't like this strategy.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Aidan,

I'm hoping to come to vist you some time in the next few months, as soon as we can all figure out our schedules.

Grammy and I were talking about you yesterday when I went to visit her at her work.

Talk to you soon!


Hugh McGeehan said...

Hi Aidan!

It's Auntie Max's friend Hugh. I just had to write to comment on your selective hearing post. In the past, I frequently saw co-workers suffer from that same malady. The effects were not as easily or quickly recognizable as you describe, however. The results were usually brought to light some time after the fact by a manager or supervisor saying something beginning with: "Didn't I tell you to....."

On one hand you can relax with the thought that you are not the only one affected but on the other, Mom and Dad may be somewhat concerned that it portends a career as a government employee.

Your Pennsylvania Pal,