Monday, February 21, 2005

Expanding on the restroom art

Today I expanded on the Daddy's restroom sign art (mentioned in the last post). I added lots of doorknobs so people can go in. Then I added a second figure next to the lady in the circle and the man in the circle because I really like the bathrooms that are shared by both sexes. (These usually have URINALS, which I do not get to use in Mommy-only bathrooms.) Finally, I added out of order signs on top of the bathroom symbols. (I was strongly effected by some out of order bathrooms at the park recently.)

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Nainnie said...

Hi, Aidan,

Yes, those little symbols can be fascinating to children. Your Auntie Max referred to those symbol people as "basketball heads" when she was a little girl, especially the one's indicating school or pedestrian crossings.