Thursday, February 03, 2005

Happy Birthday

One of my favorite pleasantries that work well in any conversation is "happy birthday." For instance,

Aidan: Time to wake up.
Daddy: Good morning.
Aidan: It's morning time. Let's check if the sun is out.
Daddy (opening the shade): It is.
Aidan: How are you doing today?
Daddy: I'm doing well. How are you doing Aidan?
Aidan: Um. Happy Birthday!

This past Saturday Mommy invited many of my friends to Kindergym to celebrate my third birthday. We baked cupcakes together the day before (chocolate ones, of course) so that my friends and I could enjoy that essential birthday ingredient, cake. The theme of my birthday party was Pooh and his friends. Since I'm a bouncy guy, bouncing featured prominently in our "advertisements" for the party. The birthday cupcakes also had the Pooh theme as well. Each was decorated with a candy version of Pooh's face. While I liked the Pooh face, I indicated to Mommy ahead of time that I would not be eating it (although I happily ate the cupcakes) since I don't like to eat my friends. I think, in general, not eating one's friends is a good rule.

We got to Kindergym and set up the party area. Mommy made a big banner saying "Happy Birthday Aidan!" featuring Pooh characters. Daddy blew up a bunch of balloons using a helium balloon machine. Unlike the balloon machines in stores, which are loud, this balloon machine was quiet, so it made me a lot less nervous.

Next, we all went over to the Kindergym for a session of bouncing. It was nice to bounce around with my friends. While they all liked bouncing, doinking, which I find to be really fun, is, apparently, an acquired taste for some of them. For example, there is a little sliding board in the Kindergym. I liked to slide down the slide and "doink" into people at the foot of the slide. I also like to wait at the bottom and be doinked by others coming down. I asked my friend Brandon if he liked to be doinked. He said, politely, "No thank you." He also didn't want to doink me either.

Another highlight for me is spinning. There is a tire swing in the Kindergym. I liked to lie across the big rubbery tire on my tummy while Daddy spun me round and round. This is fun, but leaves me very dizzy. Of course, dizzy is fun too. Lots of my friends like spinning also and, at times, I had to wait my turn to spin on the swing.

After that, we went to the party room and ate sandwiches and cake. We also got to drink lemonade, one of my favorite drinks, from little juice boxes. I had three candles on my cupcake and, after a couple of tries, I blew them all out.

"Happy birthday" everyone said.

I enjoyed my party "lots and lots" and, at the end, I asked Mommy if we could go back to Kindergym the next day to have another birthday party for me.

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