Monday, February 07, 2005

Aidan Morgan, Oenophile

Perhaps inspired by their recent viewing of the film Sideways, the family went to a vacation house in wine country for a mini vacation. When we first arrived, we stopped in Trefethen Winery, always a favorite, and sampled many of their wines. Trefethen is an interesting place in that it has a lovely garden area where I can run around. In addition, it's got lots of old pieces of farm equipment. I liked to pretend to be a horsie pulling the many pieces of equipment. I pulled two types of harrows and two types of plows as well. I'm not a very obedient horsie however. Daddy would tell me he wanted to plow his field going one way and I would inevitably go in the other direction. Eventually Daddy caught on and started to tell me to go the opposite way from where he really wanted to go.

I also got to sniff lots of different wines. Of course, my favorite are the "yellow" wines---riesling and chardonnay. I also liked to sniff lots of different types of red wines too. Daddy would ask me what the wines smelled like. He told me there were cards that indicated that they had scents like blackberry, currant, or cassis (whatever that is). When I smelled, I told him what they smelled like to me:

They smell like wine!

I offered after each sniff. Still, I liked being part of the whole wine tasting process. After our visit, we went on to the vacation house for more adventures, which I'll tell you about in the next installment.

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