Friday, February 18, 2005

Hugs: A Taxonomy

I really like hugs, especially at night. Hugs come in several varieties so I thought I would clue you in about the differences:

1. Straight hug: A straight hug is when Mommy or Daddy picks me up and holds me to his or her chest while standing straight up. I put my arms around their shoulders and rest my head there as well.

2. Sandwich: A sandwich is a straight hug where both parents squish me in the middle so that I am the "cheese" in the hug sandwich. Mommy and Daddy are the bread.

3. Regular hug: This is a hug where both I and the hugger remain seated.

4. Hug guys: This is a Daddy thing where I'm squirming around and the "hug guys" come and scoop me up for a quick hug.

5. Pancake: This is a hug where I'm lying on the floor and (typically) Daddy semi-squishes me.

I like hugs. I'm less of a big fan of kisses however.

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