Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Froggytime Theatre

One of my most popular Christmas gifts came from Auntie Max. She gave me a theater with a couple of hand puppets consiting of a king an queen froggy. I have adapted this arrangement into the entertainment extravaganza called "Froggytime Theatre". Here's what I like to do:

I set up the stage and the actors first. The usual acting troupe consists of the two froggies, Piggy, and Kasey the Kinderbot. Next, I set up the audience. Sometimes the audience consists of Thomas the Train and all his friends. Other times, the stuffed animals come to watch the show. When the audience is all seated, the curtain goes up and the show begins. I like to roll up the curtain onto a wooden dowel in a way that I saw was done at a theatre in Chuck E. Cheese. I like to request various performances. There are certain regular parts of the show and then some ad-libbing as well.

One of the regular features is a theatrical rendering of the sone "James Morrison". King Froggy plays the role of James, Queen Froggy is his mother, while Piggy plays the role of King John in the song. King Froggy is a real ham---when Daddy does this song, King Froggy sings with a deep bass voice, tones of vibrato, trilled "r's" and a kind of over the top English accent. Queen Froggy is an alto also with tons of vibrato. Piggy uses his usual singing voice.

Another regular feature is a solo act by Kasey the Kinderbot. Kasey knows how to sing "Hokey Pokey" all by himself. The audience likes to dance as Kasey sings.

Finally, the whole audience, including master of ceremonies Aidan, like to sing a medley of Mozart consisting of "Twinkle, twinkle" and "The ABC Song."

The show closes with an old Bugs Bunny number performed by the entire troupe. They sing:

O we're the boys of the chorus
We hope you liked the show
We know you're rooting for us
But now we have to go!

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