Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween and October Fun

I was a doggie for Halloween. People tell me that I was exceedingly cute. This is good because it means that I can beg more candy from the neighbors than the older kids who live in my neighborhood. During recent weeks, I had refused to wear the hood part of my costume to Halloween events, but when it was explained that people would give me more candy if I wore it, I realized that it was an essential tool in my quest to gather ALL of the candy in a several-block radius. I had my script down well. I would go to each door, wipe my feet on the mat, exclaim, "trick-or-treat!" as soon as the door opened (and sometimes before as well), and then follow up with a sincere "thank you!" The candy-givers were loving it! As soon as the candy was in my bag, I would tell Mommy and Daddy that it was time for "More trick-or-treats!" or "More candy?" I made a killing. Click here for photos from Halloween night. Click here and here for the rest of my October fun. Pumpkin Patches and autumn fun galore!

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