Monday, November 15, 2004

The Great Little People Race

Yesterday, I got to play with the Little People with Daddy for a large part of the day. The Little People had many wnderful adventures including trips to the zoo and to the golf course, but the highlight was the Great Little People Race. This was a game that Daddy invented. He said he played a version of this game with Matchbox cars in the dining room of a house where he grew up. For the great race, there are 9 Little People vehicles of various sorts: an ambulance, a fire engine, two tricycles, an airplane, a tow truck, a taxi, and a couple of ordinary cars each piloted by a selected Little Person. For instance, the taxi was piloted by the "Mommy" little person while a chicken rode in the back of the cab. Occasionally, "Mommy" would fly out of the taxi and the chicken would do the driving.

Dude Eddie Posted by Hello

Conveniently, the hallway in my house is in the shape of a big rectangle, so the race involves making one lap around the house. There are many obstacles for the Little People to avoid such as walls, doors, and carpets. Perhaps the toughest obstacles are the "giant foot" and the "giant bumble bee." You see, what I like to do is to get Daddy to push the Little People while I stand in their path and try to block the way. When I'm wearing socks, it's the giant foot that presents problems. When I'm wearing my bumble bee bedroom slippers, it's the giant bumble bee. Of course, even if the Little People manage to avoid these perils, sometimes the "giant hand" scoops them up and moves them to a different position on the track, which can be either a help or a hindrance to them. I'm happy to report that Mommy and the Chicken won the Little People race with "Dude Eddie" following close in second. Dude Eddie is a version of the Little People character Eddie dressed in a flowered lei and toting a camera on returning from vacation who has a kind of surfer patois (at least when Daddy does his voice).

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