Tuesday, November 02, 2004

En Español

This semester Mommy signed me up for Spanish classes with someone named Señor Tino. I'm still a bit puzzled by Señor Tino since he doesn't seem to know the right word for things. For instance, he sometimes points to a red apple and says, "rojo".

"Red." I offer helpfully.

"Rojo," says Señor Tino.

"Red!" I reply. Señor Tino is obviously a slow learner.

"Rojo," says Señor Tino.

Eventually, I get frustrated. Mommy figured that I wasn't getting much out of Spanish class with this approach; however, over the weekend I started to become interested in the words for things in Spanish. As we drove to the pumpkin patch, I asked what are the Spanish names for things I saw looking out the window of the car. Mommy and Daddy weren't sure of a lot of them, but Mommy looked them up for me.

Yesterday, I got out my number puzzle and my shapes puzzle and asked Daddy to do them a new way---in Spanish. I sort of like Spanish now.

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