Monday, November 22, 2004

Eat it all

Part of the experience of eating for me is proclaiming my intentions. Very often, my intention is to "eat it all." Now, this does not mean that I intend to eat all of what's served to me, it means I intend to eat all of a given item. None for anyone else. Not Mommy. Not Daddy. Of course, I never fulfill this goal. Mommy and Daddy have told me that the "eat it all" strategy is not very nice, but somehow I cannot help it. Here's a sample conversation when Daddy made pancakes yesterday.

Me: Want to eat it all.
Daddy: You can eat all of Aidan's pancakes, but I'm making enough for everyone.
Me: Want to eat the pancakes all.
Daddy: Now, we've talked about this. Is it polite or rude to say you're going to eat it all and not let others have any?
Me: Rude.
Daddy: So Aidan doesn't want to be rude.
Me: Eat it all?
Daddy: Come on.
Me: Want to be rude. Want to eat the pancakes all.
Daddy: Sigh.

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