Tuesday, November 09, 2004

World Series of Poker

Posted by HelloI've mentioned poker on my blog a couple of times. The last time there was a poker night, which was some time ago, I realized how fascinating poker chips are. I like the way they stack. I like the plinking noise as they land on top of each other. I like the numbers on the playing cards. Anyway, recently Daddy was channel surfing and had on the "World Series of Poker" (or WSOP for aficionados like me). I saw how all the players (except two) had big stacks of chips in front of them, and I immediately wanted to play too. Daddy got out the poker set and gave me all the yellow and green chips (the two best colors). Then he dealt a hand of Texas Hold 'Em (the official game of the WSOP). I like the cards---they have nice big numbers on them and it's fun to count the number of clubs, spades, etc. on each. The game evolved to one where Daddy would turn over a card and then I would stack a number of poker chips on top of the card equal to the card's value.

A bit later, I decided that the poker chips were really checkers, so Daddy got out a checker board. It was a big heavy checkerboard that Daddy got from his grandfather (my great-grandfather). He apparently made this board from an old school desk and a car windshield. The glass makes the "checkers" slide along very nicely. Daddy says that card playing is an important skill and that it's a fun and exciting career being a gambler.

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