Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hit It Straight Please

On Saturday, Daddy offered me a chance to go wherever I wanted. At first, I thought about going to the "bumpy slide park" or perhaps the zoo. I eventually settled on going to the golf course We packed up Daddy's clubs (I helped to carry them out to the car) and my clubs and headed off to the golf course. There are lots of fun things to do there. We did some putting. We watched some people at the driving range hittting golf balls with their drivers, which Daddy and I like to call "big dogs." We visited the pro shop, which is filled with all sorts of wonderful clubs. My favorite section of the pro shop is the long line of putters. When I saw them, I smiled broadly and said "oooooh. Putters. Aidan likes putters." The pro shop guy was also impressed at my ability to pick out sand wedges and hybrid clubs.

The highlight of the day was eating Teddy Graham crackers and watching people try to hit the ball to an island green. Many of the people hit the ball into the water. Splash the ball would go. I kind of like it when the balls get wet. Some of the people got the ball to the green and then tried to putt it in the hole. I offered some helpful advice:

Hit it straight please!

Several of the golfers both valued this advice and thought it very funny. Golf is a great sport.

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