Friday, March 18, 2005

Being Kipper, Part 2

A post script to the Kipper story:

I like the notion of Daddy being Kipper and me being Tiger so much that last nigt when I went to bed, I pretended to be Tiger. Instead of a crib, I pretended to be climbing into my "basket". I also got to sleep with one of my doggy slippers since Kipper always sleeps with a slipper when he goes to bed. It's fun to be Tiger.


Nainnie said...

Sounds like you'e having fun! Must be a good book!


ATM said...

Yes. Kipper comes in both book and video form. I love Kipper and his friends, Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake, and more. Piggy and Little Piggy have been pretending to be Pig and Arnold (a piglet) these days.