Monday, March 07, 2005

Birthday Cupcakes at Kindergym

Here are some photos from the cake and candles part of the belated 3rd birthday party I had with my friends on January 29. I got to celebrate twice since I had a family party in PA on my actual birthday (12/30) as well as this later one in my home state of CA. My kid party was at one of my favorite places, Kindergym, so my friends and I got to run around, climb, etc. before cupcake time. We have some video of playtime, but our still photos are only of cupcake time (plus one of me with my piggies-- before bedtime of course since they no longer are allowed in bed with me of night-- as those of you in the know are already aware).

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Nainnie said...

Hi, Aidan,

Thanks for posting those pictures. It looks like you and your friends were having a good time. I think I recognize Sophia.