Wednesday, January 26, 2005

This car is ready to go

Posted by HelloOne of my favorite Daddy activities is to drive my (mainly) Hot Wheels cars along the floor of one of the hallways in our house. This activity has actually evolved somewhat from when we first started doing this. A few months ago, I used to like to organize my cars in a parking lot in the hall. There they would sit and Daddy would occasionally request that one of the car was ready to go for a drive down the hall. Often, I would tell him that the car was tired and needed to rest inthe parking lot. Sometimes, I would drive the car myself down the hall by pushing it---holding on all the way as it went down the hall. Still, I would occasionally let Daddy push one of the cars and it would go zipping down the hall, hopefully avoiding a "catastrophe."

Now, I'm more interested in zipping the cars down the hall myself. They spend a lot less time in the parking lot and more time on the road. I'm getting to be quite good at this. Some of the cars made it to the end of the hall, bounced off the wall, and managed to be turned in the right direction to go around the corner of the hall. I also like to put my cars on a big green car transporter turck that I got for Christmas. Daddy will sometimes make protesting noises on behalf of the cars since inevitably they fall off the truck when it jackknifes during his ride. I like driving my cars.

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