Monday, January 24, 2005

Faults and Fixes

One of my favorite Christmas presents was not actually given to me, but rather given to Daddy. It's a book by David Leadbetter called 80 Faults and Fixes. It's about all the different things that can go wrong in hitting a golf ball and tips on how to fix those things. What I like about it are the pictures, which feature golfers in brightly colored clothing being advised by a seemingly all-knowing coach.

One page that is particularly interesting is where a golfer is trying to hit a short shot onto the green. Instead, he hits a line drive that breaks a nearby window. The picture shows the window breaking and the "coach" character looking distressed. On the next page, the "coach" shows the golfer how to hit a nice rainbow shot. I wonder what happens to to the golf ball that went through the window. Do the people in the house give it back? Does the golf ball end up in their "movie room"? Do they keep the golf ball and play with it themselves?

The page that merits revisiting shows a skeleton wearing golf shoes, a golf hat, and holding a club. The skeleton is stuck inside a deep sand trap, which Daddy calls a bunker. The point of the picture is that this unlucky golfer could never get out of the bunker so he ended up just being bones. On the next page, the apparently reanimated golfer is being shown by the coach character (who is wearing a quite interesting white hat) how to get out of the bunker. When Daddy and I went to the golf course yesterday, I checked out several of the bunkers I came across to see if there are any bones in them. Happily, there weren't. Faults and Fixes is my top read for 2005.

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