Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I went for my annual checkup. The doctor was very silly. She told me that I had kitty cats in my ears and that I had eaten an elephant and a zebra for lunch. She also pronounced me in tip-top condition. Here are some vital statistics about me: I'm now 36 1/2" tall. That's not very tall relative to other boys my age (25th percentile), but it does shoot me over the three foot barrier. I weigh 32 1/2 pounds, which makes me exactly average (50th percentile) among boys my age. Somehow, they stopped measuring my head, which was the one physical characteristic where I was in the upper percentiles. Because of my vegetarian tendencies, they decided to give me a blood test to see if I have enough iron. I was very brave. In fact, when they pricked my finger, I said it tickled. (I also got 2 stickers for being brave.) The report back said that I have plenty of iron. While I don't like going to the doctor due to dislike of shots I did like some of the toys in the "well" waiting area, so I played with those for a bit before and afterward. Happily, I did not need shots this time, and I won't need any more until just before kindergarten. Mommy always worries when she takes me to the doctor since there are lots of sick people there, so we're hoping I don't come down with anything as a result of my "well" visit. Last year, I came down with my second bout of stomach flu not long after my "well" visit.

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