Sunday, February 05, 2012

Strategy Games


I am totally into strategy games. We have quite a collection and I enjoy playing a different one each weekend. Last weekend we played Conquest of the Empire. We played this previously using the simple rules, but this time we played with the deluxe rules. I especially like the power of some of the cards to really shift around who is winning and losing. Whenever we play these games, we have four stuffies playing the four different sides. I control two stuffies while Daddy controls the other two. Part of the enjoyment is having the stuffies react and talk about how things are going in the game. Daddy makes up all sorts of funny voices for the stuffies, and I'm getting good at voices too. Our most recent "voice" belongs to Berkeley Bear, who sounds Russian. Daddy said that the voice is actually from a cartoon character named Boris Badinov, who used to appear in the Bullwinkle cartoons. Boris (er Berkeley Bear) is always talking about anvils, factories, and the amazing strength of Russian women. Not only is there a lot of strategy in these games, they are also quite hilarious too.
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gio02091981 said...

hello, Aidan. You have really good collection of strategy games.
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