Sunday, February 05, 2012

R/C Car Racing

Daddy and I got a really cool R/C car for Christmas. It's ridiculously powerful and fast. It also has all terrain tires so that it can go over rough ground with ease. Lately, Daddy and I have been playing tag with the cars. He uses one of my older cars, a green outer space type vehicle, while I use the new one. His vehicle is more agile but slower while mine is fast but harder to maneuver. Our favorite game is car tag. The "it" car has to chase the other around the yard to tag it, at which point the process reverses. It's quite nifty to go chasing one another around the yard.

One time during a chase, my car went at top speed over a tree root which acted as a kind of jump. It got huge air and ended up doing a barrel roll in midair before landing on its wheels and continuing the chase. Another highlight was when I drove on 2 wheels up a ramp formed by my scooter. This produced an amazing jump into the wood chips.

R/C car racing is a total blast.

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