Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aunt Holly and Uncle Ted Visit

This weekend my Aunt Holly and Uncle Ted came to visit from Miami. I had not seen them in years, so I didn't really remember them. I did, however, know that they give some of the coolest gifts. This Christmas they sent me the Hot Wheels camera car, which is totally awesome. I have to put up some videos from the car some time soon. They were kind enough to bring me a cool bright yellow soccer ball when they arrived. It's the prettiest soccer ball I own.

Anyway, after they arrived, they did what adults usually do: talk, talk, talk, talk, and more talk. I was pretty bored with that so I played my 3DS quietly.

Later in the afternoon, I got them interested in playing Settlers of Catan. They had a great time. In fact, when it was time to go to dinner, my Uncle Ted said, "One more turn, one more turn." Then it was Aunt Holly's turn, and she said the same thing. If Daddy had not stopped the game, we probably would have missed our dinner reservation entirely. They even talked about how good the game was at dinner too. I was so happy since this is the first time I've gotten someone other than Daddy to play with me. Settlers truly is an awesome game. It's in my top 3 favorite strategy games. For the record, the others are Civilization and Risk:Godstorm.

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