Tuesday, December 18, 2007

O Christmas Tree


Well, we finally got a Christmas tree today. Its been super busy with my birthday party and other things, so the Christmas tree got pushed back. Because of the lateness of the season and the rains, we ended up getting an artificial tree this year. Mommy was ambivalent about this, but I like the "machinery" of the tree. It looks quite nice. Both Daddy and Mommy commented that artificial trees look a lot less artificial than they did when they were kids.


This evening we put the tree up, tomorrow we add the ornaments. I worked on the bottom branches.


Hooray for Christmas.

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Nainnie said...

Hi, Aidan,

When you come here you'll see that I have TWO Christmas trees! Yes! A big Fraser fir one in the living room and a little tabletop artificial tree in the foyer, with the skating rink and the little houses underneath.

Auntie Max put the lights on the big tree on Sunday for me, and today, I'll be putting the ornaments on.

That's a cute picture of you peeking through the branches!