Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This year was another great one for Halloween. We had nice weather and, best of all, I got to be Pikachu. Pikachu, you might recall, is the cutest Pokemon. Mommy made my Pikachu outfit. My tail is a combination of coat hangers and felt while the stripes on my shirt are also hand made. One of Pikachu's best moves is iron tail. My coat hanger tail accidentally did this move in real life as well. A couple of people got banged with the tail including me! It's hard to sit when you have a big tail.

I went trick or treating with my gang of close friends: Chris, Katie, and Jake. We made quite a haul. I have two large bags of candy, all of which I actually like. (I carefully study the possibilities when selecting from baskets on Halloween.)

Candy, friends, and Pokemon--Halloween is one of the best holidays.

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Mum said...

That's a great costume!