Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Up an at 'em Aidan-eer

I've evolved a morning ritual with Daddy. When I'm ready to get up, I call to him, "Daddy, Daaaaddy". He then asks me if it's light outside and we open the shade to check. Next, he greets me with a phrase from one of my favorite books, Chugga chugga choo choo.

Sun's up. Morning's here. Up an at 'em Aidan-eer

I like that greeting a lot. I then need to get all my animals and other stuff out of my bed. I offer a similar greeting as I eject them from my bed: wake up bunny-neer! wake-up bear-neer! wake up pillow-neer! and so on.

After they're all out, it's my turn to get out of bed too. I like to get out of my nighttime diaper and put on fresh clothes to start the day. I ditch the diaper and jammies and Daddy asks me what clothes I want to wear. Usually, I'm initially indecisive. He helpfully offers to put on my Raiders jammies if I have trouble making up my mind. Since I never like to wear Raiders jammies, this is a strong incentive to pick some clothes and underwear out. I put on my clothes and then we're off to the kitchen for breakfast. It's fun to start the day with Daddy.

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