Sunday, December 19, 2004

Aidan Not the Engineer

Last night was "guys" night at the house. Mommy went out with a bunch of other Mommies and, amazingly, they decided they wanted to leave their many children at home. So it was just Daddy and I trying to fend for ouurselves. As a special treat, Daddy decided to set up the electric train. Daddy's train is very small and very fussy. We had lots of difficulties getting the tracks together and even more difficulties getting the trains on the track. Eventually, we managed to get everything going and Daddy handed me the controls to run the train. The main thing I was interested in was figuring out how to make the train go fast. I quickly figured this out and ran the train as fast as it would go. Inevitably, some problem would arise and the train would suffer a catastrophe. After driving the train for awhile, Daddy pointed out the I was the engineer of the train. This was unnerving. "Aidan not the engineer," I said---though I liked driving the train regardless.

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