Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Toy Car Racing

I really love toy cars. I got several in Easter eggs delivered by the Easter bunny and found this one as I was clearing out my Easter basket long after the holiday. (While I love chocolate, I eat it only slowly.) This car is an Austen-Healey, a British car that Daddy espeically likes. I haven't taken it out on the track to compete, but it sure looks cool. Lately, I've gotten several new toy cars and it's opened up the field for a lot of first-time winners in the gravity cup series. It's no longer the case that there are only about 6 cars that can ever win, now it's more like 20-30 cars, so the field has gotten a lot deeper. I especially like making up tournament brackets and then running the cars through the brackets to determine a winner. While I can do regular single elmination brackets, I have also done brackets with all sorts of different byes, consolation rounds, and so on. I'm now a bracket-making expert.
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