Friday, October 08, 2010

Spelling Words

This was an easy week for spelling. We only had 12 words, and they were ones I knew. One of the exercises we have to do is to come up with sentences using the words. Here was my sentence:

Am I dotty or is that cat playing a violin?

The spelling word was "dotty." Mom and Dad got a big kick out of that sentence. I also have to write stories. My stories tend to have a dark edge to them. One of my most recent involved a husband and wife who lived alone on a mountain. They hated everything and everyone. When they house burned down, they were happy for the destruction. But they got their comeuppance. They wandered to close to an active volcano and in they fell. Volcanoes and lava play a big role in many of my stories.


Roma said...

I really enjoy your blog Aidan.
It's really interesting, but to the point.
I'm not so great with my spelling, but perhaps I'll try harder to be as good as you :)

P.s I'm kinda new to this whole blogging thing, so do you reckon you could find the time to have a peak at my blog and comment? I'd really appreciate advice/comments from a professional like you! Thanks ever so much :)

Mum said...

Hi, Aidan,
Your Daddy is coming to visit us soon. Wish your whole family could come, but this is a business trip and you have school. Glad you like to write to stories!