Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Birthday Party


As you know, I was born in December. But it's always a crazy time with Christmas and New Year's. So I usually have a birthday party with my kid friends later. Well, this year, it was a LOT later--about 5 months later in fact. We had a party at my house on Saturday. The Noah's Ark woman came and we made stuffies together. I made Rector the Racoon. We also had a pinata in the backyard. I was lucky enough to strike the massive blow that broke it open and spilled out all the candy. It was a great party.
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Mum said...

Sounds like an interesting party! Actually, you shold be getting a long-overdue gift from me next week! The one you've been waiting for!

Mum said...

Hi, Aidan,
Sounds like a lovely party! Watch for a gift from me, coming next week.