Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dungeons & Dragons

I've fallen in love with a new/old game--Dungeons & Dragons. I cannot remember how this game came up in conversation, but when I heard about it, I thought it would be super fun to play. So far, it has been. My characters are based in the town of Seaend, which is menaced by a terrible dragon in the hills. My characters have gone up an attempted to plunge into the many caves in the hills, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. We recently completed a big adventure where we defeated the king of the Bugbears and his horde of hobgoblins.

At times I find the game scary, exciting, and even sad. When my character Superman died recently while battling the Bugbear, I was definitely sad about it. There's a kindly priest in town where I take my characters who died to be buried. But I'm not too sentimental. No character gets buried with armor and weapons since these are useful in other adventures.

Maybe the most successful character is Bob the Priest. (He's level 2). He managed to kill the bugbear and acquired a bunch of treasure including a magic pearl of spells. The weird thing about Bob is that, being a priest, he's determined to give all his loot to God. MY other characters have tried to discourage this sort of thing, so now Bob is only giving half his stuff to God.

My Daddy was telling me about the most successful D&D characters he ever worked with (he's dungeon master). Their names were Duke, Scaggament, and Moritor under the control of Uncle Dave. He mentioned that they founded their own giant church (Church of Zeus) and had armies of guys. I want my guys to be as successful.


Mum said...

Oh, yes! I do remember all the games of D & D that were played at our Vine Street house in the 'eighties!

Mum said...

Aidan, is there a special game or DVD you would like me to bring you when I come to visit the week after next?