Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Game Ever

Last night was the best baseball game ever. It didn't start out that way. There was a lot of traffic, and it was very cold in the ballpark. Once the game started, it got even worse. The A's pitcher, Dama Eveland, was rocked for 3 runs in the 1st. But the A's came back and took the lead off of Dice-K in the bottom of the innning. The scored stayed that way until late in the game. Then, the Sox managed 2 runs to tie it all up.

Now even though it was a school night, and even though I had to get up early tomorrow, and even though I had a playdate after school, and even though I had baseball practice, and even though I had scouts after that...Daddy let me stay up for the game. (Clearly someone with the right priorities). I stayed up really late...and got on TV!

And, happily, the A's won in 12 innings. What an amazing game.

Check out the photo highlights here

A's v Sox April 14, 2009

Let's go Oak-land!


Mum said...

Hi, Aidan,

Great shot of you and your Daddy on the screen!

Did Jack Cust and Jason Giambi play? They are on my Fantasy team. But both are on the bench.



ATM said...

Both played and contributed to the A's 5 run 1st inning. Giambi was pulled late in the game owing to tiredness.