Monday, March 30, 2009

First Game of the Year

Yesterday was our first game of the year. Daddy was pretty nervous because I hadn't been hitting well. We went out early in the morning for extra batting practice. Well, it really paid off. My stance was much nicer, and I crushed the ball twice.

I also made some excellent fielding plays at second base. We rotate positions, so I played third, left-center field, and second over the course of the game. My best plays came at second.

My coach thought the improvement was remarkable. One of the coaches said I was 500% better than the preceding week.

Interested in your own copies of these lovely pictures? You can make prints using the Snapfish album I've uploaded here.


Mum said...

Hi, Aidan,
Looks like you've got really great form! I'm going to be ordering a set of those pictures. Keep up the good work!
PS: I see you've lost one of your top front teeth . That's a big milestone,Sweetie!

ATM said...

I don't like to be photographed without it, so it hasn't really made the blogger "news"