Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Odyssey of the Mind

I'm participating in a program called "Odyssey of the Mind." It's sort of a creative thinking and problem solving contest. My team, which consists of kindergartners and first-graders had the task of thinking up something to do with getting people to eat healthy foods. Since I myself do not much like to eat healthy foods, this topic was a challenge. Anyway, we came up with a candy factory that makes healthy candies from things like veggies. Fortunately, for us, we only need to do a mock-up of this factory rather than create a fully functional factory.

We each worked on different aspects of the job in terms of the design. The part that I seized upon is one of the most important aspects of the business--sales. I figured that the factory would be pretty useless if we can't sell the product. So, for my part, I set up a sales table, and am creating a sales costume. When asked what was the most essential thing for a sales person, I quickly hit on something super important--a name tag. All salespeople have name tags, so naturally, this is key. Mom asked me what name I would put on the name tag.


I answered. There seemed to be no particular reason why I thought Ax would be a good name. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this class. I like coming up with creative solutions to problems, especially problems related to business.

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Mum said...

Now, this seems like a fun project!