Friday, January 11, 2008

An "A" for Effort

One of the trickiest letters to write is lower-case "A". I can never remember which side of the circle the line goes. This is really troubling since this letter is in my name, Aidan. To get around this problem, I've taken to using a capital A in all circumstances, so when I sign my name it's "AidAn" or, sometimes "AidAN". While this sort of spelling convention seems to work well for dot-com firms (like eBay), it doesn't wash in Miss Nelson's class.

As a result, Mommy put into place a cunning plan. Every time I successfully make a lower-case "A", I get a penny. Yesterday, I made 4 "A's" and, as I proudly shwed Daddy that evening, this netted me four whole cents. While I used to view making this letter as quite a chore, it's a whole different ballgame when I get paid to do it. This morning, I talked about my day with Daddy. I told him

Today I'm going to make a thousand lower-case A's. How much will I mkae for that?

I learned two things from this conversation: First, one thousand A's is worth $10 and second, if I actually did this, my hand would be sore for a week. Maybe I'll stick with smaller amounts for now.

1 comment:

Nainnie said...

Hi, Aidan,

Lower cases letters follow no logic, regarding which side of the circle the tail or handle goes on. And q's and g's can be confusing too.

It all shakes out, though.

You've learned a whole lot since you started kindergarten at Alamo!